2020年12月25日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The special guests for Treacherous Cretins' FZ@80 online celebration show include Ed Palermo, Ray White and Robert Martin.
●Universal Music and the Zappa Trust has invited us to “revisit some classics” with a digital EP of previously released material called A Very Zappa Birthday.
●The third and final part of CBC’s audio documentary on our Frankie
●The audio version of Pauline Butcher’s book Freak Out! My Life with Frank Zappa
●To celebrate 20 years of bringing you Zappa and related news via this here website
●Here’s an article what I wrote (with the help of Deepinder Cheema…and Dean Gaffney) about FZ’s alter ego, the beatnik Vincent Beldon.
●Read why Steve Vai loves Freak Out!
●Piece of Magic Entertainment has acquired European distribution rights to Alex Winter’s Zappa documentary from Great Point Media.

2020年12月16日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a three part-documentary about FZ (titled Dangerous Kitchen) that features family members, musicians and others
● Treacherous Cretins, and a cast of very special guests, will be to celebrating FZ's 80th birthday with a remotely-recorded online concert.

2020年12月12日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The official non-exclusive Zappa Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album is now available to stream or download
●An audio version of Pauline Butcher’s excellent book Freak Out! My Life with Frank Zappa will be available from 3 December
●Alex Winter has confirmed that next year’s generally available DVD of the film will have some extras.
●Pamela Zarubica introducing Laura Matthews & The Flakes
●Diva is now the President of InterContinental Absurdities.

2020年11月22日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The latest ZappaCast sees host Scott Parker and producer Phil Surkis welcome Alex Winter, Ahmet Zappa and Joe Travers
●To celebrate 20 years of bringing you Zappa and related news
●Dweezil and Premier Guitar have joined forces to celebrate the life and work of Edward Van Halen.
●Terry Bozzio: "I have a new book coming out on December 21 (a few days before my 70th birthday!).
●Co de Kloet about Frank
●CO DE KLOET interviewed by Bas Andriessen november 18 2020 about his friendship with FRANK ZAPPA

2020年11月15日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●More on Co de Kloet’s imminent book, Zappa & Co
●The Zappa movie companion book and soundtrack album are now being sent out
●Candy Zappa has announced the passing of her brother, Carl

2020年11月7日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●the official Zappa movie trailer
●Some more info on Co de Kloet's book (out next month)
●Frank Zappa ? The Nordic Stories: the book has been delayed until Decembe
●The London Zappa Collective has added a few interesting lockdown covers

2020年10月31日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
● Fred Händl version of Oh No! that appears on the soundtrack of the new Zappa movie
●ZPZ's 2008/09 You Can't Fit On Stage Anymore! shows--ZFT blocked the mixes from being released by Nugs
●Patrick O'Hearn now has a Bandcamp page with a couple of new tracks
●‘ZAPPA’ Documentary in Theaters and On Demand November 27

2020年9月12日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●the new book, Frank Zappa ? The Nordic Countries,
●Sound On Sound magazine about Craig Parker Adams
●Adams initially worked for Dweezil and, a version of City Of Tiny Lites for The Frank Zappa AAA?FNRAA?AA Birthday Bundle 21.Dec.2010.
●French-Brazilian guitar virtuoso Marcelo Paganini has just released his new prog rock-jazz-fusion single Circus Is Empty, featuring Chad Wackerman on drums

2020年8月29日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Co de Kloet's recent Dweezil radio specia
●ZappaCast Episode #46 answers the question do politics belong in music
●Eddie Jobson’s new live CD
●Not Your Mother's Radio's recent alumni interviews
●Drummer Gergo Borlai's new album, The Missing Song, features nine tributes to his skin-thumping heroes ? including Terry Bozzio and Vinnie Colaiuta
●The Zappa movie now has a page at the Magnolia Pictures website

2020年8月23日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Palladium, New York shows from 1981;the previously unreleased version of I’m The Slime, from the November 1 show
● To celebrate 20 years of bringing you Zappa and related news
●Robby Krieger's The Ritual Begins At Sundown is now out
●Scott Thunes recently talked about "a certain project I'm working on"
●Adam Minkoff has put together this 50th anniversary version of Weasels Ripped My Flesh

2020年8月8日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Zappa movie will screen in select theatres and be available ‘on demand’ in North America from November 27
●Yo Mama by the London Zappa Collective here
●Frank Zappa ? The Nordic Concerts by Erland Bekkelund
●L. Shankar's new album, Chepleeri Dream
● John ‘Drumbo’ French is currently mixing the Magic Band's live show from Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall in 2017

2020年8月1日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●12 FUQs (Frequently Unasked Questions) in 2020! Here's number seven
●Zappanale #30.5 online festival
●Monnow Valley Live Jam by The Mandonnas (Devin Townsend, Mike Keneally, Morgan Ågren & Nathan Navarro).
●Mike Keneally:a new solo album
●Miss Pamela: My beloved sister for most of my life, Miss Mercy, has just passed
●RIP Bennett Glotzer, who was Frank's manager from 1976 to 1984.

2020年7月19日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zappanale #30.5 online festival
●12 FUQs (Frequently Unasked Questions) in 2020
●Dweezil Zappa! (If you missed FUQ #4 about Zappa’s London, you can still buy a map here!)
●Robert Martin has released a new solo piano piece, called Russell's Healing.
●Roy Estrada has now been discharged from hospital and returned to jail

2020年6月15日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●I recently spoke with Spencer Chrislu
●Broadway The Hard Way tour photographer Sergio "Milo" Albonico
●a free download of FZ's Trouble Every Day
●Some lovely snaps by Ed Lefkowicz of Frank & The Mothers backstage at the Durfee Theatre
●Mick Ekers talks Zappa Gear some more in Zappacast Episode #44.
●Mike Keneally appears as a special guest guitarist on prog ensemble Staring Into Nothing's second album, Love.

2020年6月8日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●To celebrate Steve Vai’s 60th birthday
●Steve Vai has released the new song, Candle Power,
●Here's some fan footage from a Real FZ Book signing session in New York, 1989
●Chris Opperman has just released a new single, And If You Know, featuring lead vocals and production by Robert Martin
●Diva just held a Zoom session to play and talk about some of her father's album collection

2020年6月6日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Deep Purple in BBC Four 1973 Made in Japan
●Frank Zappa Book signing NYC 1989

2020年5月30日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zappanale WILL happen this year. But online.
●Sharleena (Roy Thomas Baker Mix) from the forthcoming The Mothers 1970 set is now on YouTube.

2020年5月9日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●next release, The Mothers 1970
●he Zappa’s London badges
●Ike Willis is facing extreme hardship during the current pandemic and needs our help.
●Steve Vai recently revealed a little more about the audition tape he sent to Frank.
●the Zappa Trust is working on a 200 Motels anniversary project.

2020年4月26日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●A previously unseen interview with FZ by NZ film maker Geoff Steven
● Samuel Andreyev's lengthy interview with Art Tripp
●my dad’s collection. I have been sorting through and cataloguing ALL of them (1300 albums)
●Tony Levin: The first band I was in, when I moved to New York in 1970, was with three guys from the Mothers

2020年4月20日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Pal Studio Band - High Steppin'
●One World: Together At Home Special to Celebrate COVID-19 Workers

2020年4月18日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●20 years of bringing you Zappa and related news via this website
●Zappanale #31 has officially been postponed for one year : 19th March 2021
●Denny Walley (on Facebook)
●After Don Preston left Frank and the Mothers, he toured with Leo Sayer
●London's 100 Club. This event has now been rescheduled for February 26, 2021
●Dweezil is donating 100% of the proceeds of sales from his webstore to Feeding America.
●Art Tripp has written this fantastic article about his time with Frank and Beefheart.

2020年3月10日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●King Crimson has now provided details of its tour with The Zappa Band
●Interesting article in the LA Times re. Hot Rats
● The 2020 Jimmy Carl Black Memorial Barbecue
●You can now read the latest issue of Le Jazzophone with its review of FZ88
●The planned world premiere of Alex Winter’s Zappa movie at the SXSW Festival has been scuppered by cancellation of the whole festival due to Coronavirus fears
●This year I am a Zappanale Ambassador (or 'Botschafter'). This means I can arrange for friends who are first-time visitors to buy discounted tickets.
●The next Record Store Day (April 18) vinyl reissue will be the You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Sampler, limited to 5000 copies (on red & yellow transparent discs)

2020年3月6日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Treacherous Cretins: “We are delighted to announce that Zappa legend NAPOLEON MURPHY BROCK will be joining us at the Celebrate Zappa show
●The first screenings of the Zappa movie outside of the US take place later this month at the CPH:DOX festival in Copenhagen
● Greg Russo's Ancient Armaments: The Frank Zappa Singles Project has been updated to includes material on The Hot Rats Sessions
●Ray White: “I have the opportunity to be a part of a great touring experience"
●The next Record Store Day (April 18) vinyl reissue will be the You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Sampler, limited to 500 copies
●A new 15-piece ensemble, the Stinkfoot Orchestra featuring Napoleon Murphy Brock
●Scott Thunes on The Zappa Band line-up

2020年2月28日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●a previously unpublished anecdote by Randy Brecker
●the SEED Ensemble
● Doors guitarist Robby Krieger will release his first solo album in 10 years on April 24. The Ritual Begins At Sundown features Arthur Barrow, Jock Ellis (Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra trombonist), Sal Marquez, Tommy Mars
●CD versions of Feeding The Monkies (sic) At Ma Maison were reissued around 2017, the last two bonus tracks on the original 2011 ‘popsicle’ CD got lopped off of the CD, as per the 2015 vinyl version
●Tony Palmer’s participation at The Harrogate Film Festival on March 12
●A little more-a on the Crimson/Zappa tour: the blurb says The Zappa Band “will be performing a mix of classics along with new and rare Zappa compositions

2020年2月21日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●SEED Ensemble is performing the ‘Frank Zappa Songbook’ at the Church of Sound in Clapton in April
●Finally confirmed for Zappanale #31: the Muffin Men, celebrating their 30th anniversary

2019年2月18日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
● 12 FUQs (Frequently Unasked Questions) in 2020! Here's number two
●Robert Martin (on Facebook): “Ed [Mann] chose not to continue. This upcoming tour with King Crimson will not include the hologram technology

2020年2月14日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Mike Keneally interview by Gerry Fialka
●Dweezil’s new keyboard player/vocalist is three-time Emmy winner Kevin Bents

2020年2月12日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Zappa Band will open for King Crimson on a summer tour of North America

2020年2月10日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●my telling you about this new, short one with unsung hero Jay Anderson!
● Interesting little reminiscence from Rainbow Theatre History about the time Frank returned to the scene of the crime.
●New video from Warren Cuccurullo: In Defense Of The King
●The JazzTimes 2019 Readers’ Poll saw wins for Zappa alums Jean-Luc Ponty, Randy Brecker and Vinnie Colaiuta
● Is the Zappa Holo band morphing into Banned From Utopia? Word is Morgan Ågren may (temporarily) join them later this year, and Ray White just posted on Facebook that Jamie Kime is now “an addition to the band”.

2020年2月5日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●ZERO's Bläther CD can now be pre-ordered
●The Zappa Tour Atlas
●Jimmy Carl Black's birthday anniversary
●two of the Zappa's Universe concerts from 1991
●Rock Goes To The Movies With Tony Palmer

2020年1月29日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Beefheart Project Toronto’s I Heard These Tweety Things is an album of 21 Van Vliet songs
●Beefheart Project Toronto has a Doctor Dark tutorial video on YouTube
●An exhibition of Captain Beefheart’s paintings, titled Don Van Vliet: Parapliers the Willow Dipped, Paintings 1967-1997,
●Dweezil and his band of merry men are playing at least four festivals this summer
●In 1984, Frank wrote None Of The Above for The Kronos Quartet
●None Of The Above was revisited by Ensemble Modern in 1992, and a 1985 live recording by Kronos turned up on Beat The Boots III: Disc Three
●None Of The Above the first officially sanctioned professionally recorded vershum by the guys he wrote it for.

2020年1月20日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●12 FUQs (Frequently Unasked Questions) in 2020
●Steve Vai talks about his worst gig
●Frankful by Mats Öberg is now available from CD Baby
●Venetian cover duo 2XZ released an interesting album last year called Planet Of Prunes
●Chris Darrow, a Claremont friend of both Frank and Bob Zappa, passed away recently
●Alex Winter says the Zappa movie is now complete
●Mats Öberg's Frankful CD and Mick Ekers' Zappa Gear book
●The DVD of the 2016 Keith Emerson Tribute Concert
●Warren Cuccurullo: We Like It Loose and In Defense Of The King.
● The Grandmothers of Invention (the band that refuses to give up, thank goodness!) are playing at MorYork in LA on 24 January

2020年1月13日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The latest issue of Le Jazzophone includes a review of FZ88, plus an article on ‘Broadway’ tour photographer Sergio 'Milo' Albonico.
● Lisa Popeil: “Announcing my November 2020 performance at ZappaUnion in Oslo, Norway! Excited to work with Ed Palermo and Napoleon Brock
●Chato has just unleashed his composition In Memoriam, Frank Zappa on Bandcamp
●Burnt Weenie Sandwich.......