2021年12月31日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Just a couple of Bruce Bickford-related titbits gleaned from the audio commentary on the Zappa movie Blu-Ray
●Dweezil has added a 2012 ZPZ recording of Strictly Genteel to his Reward Music site
● The most noticeable difference appears to be a missing keyboard overdub during Strictly Genteel (The Finale)
●Mike Keneally "the new double-album I’m trying to finish 60"
●To celebrate Frank’s 81st birthday (and Xmas too, I guess), I stuck most of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-‘em essays I posted on this website throughout 2020 in a single PDF file
●Steve Vai should also have a solo acoustic guitar/vocal record out next year. Also in 2022, Steve will be going to Holland “to record about four hours of my orchestra music with the Metropole Orchestra

2021年12月20日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●the wah-wah pedal, Del Casher, has just officially released the 1966 song Space Boy ? featuring actress Florence Marly on vox and FZ on drums
●Pamela Des Barres' Pajama Party with Howard Kaylan
●The planned first cinema screening of the Zappa movie, live on stage in London with Alex Winter next month, has been postponed due to Omicron
●Ben Watson has uploaded the debut album by Gabba Zappa Hey! to t'Internet
●Kronos Quartet - None Of The Above (Frank Zappa) World Premiere, Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, 1985

2021年12月12日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil has filed for divorce from Megan, his wife of nearly ten years
●ZappaCast #51 with special guests Miss Pamela and Jim Pons
●The Zappa Band is playing more gigs at LA’s Baked Potato Jazz Club: 24-27 February 2022
●Frank Zappa ? Filthy Habits, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada, December 7, 1975

2021年12月7日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Steve Vai - Zoot Allures (Frank Zappa cover), My Father's Place, NYC, March 18, 1983
●the Vaultmeister recently stated “there is a sizeable amount of Synclavier source tapes in the Vault that will make good future releases.”
●A fourth preview track from the 200 Motels 50th anniversary box set
●Mystery Roach (Dialog Protection Reel) track
● Mike Keneally has posted a blog updating us on the short film being made for three ("five, sir"!) of his new songs
●Steve Jones' Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol. He mentions that Miss Cynderella of http://www.idiotbastard.com/news.htm#HotThe GTOs took a shine to bassist Glen Matlock whilst she was still married to John Cale
●After nearly ten years of marriage, Dweezil Zappa, Frank Zappa’s son, files for divorce from his wife

2021年12月3日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●If I Could Only Be Sure: The Life of Nolan Porter by Patrice 'Candy' Zappa
●Candy's My Brother Was A Mother (Take 4)
●The Collected History and Improvisations of Frank Zappa
●Ancient Armaments
●Dr Dot recently interviewed Don Preston
●Steve Vai dropped earlier this year ? Candle Power and Knappsack ? were preview pieces from his next album
●Steve Vai ―The album, Inviolate, will be released on 28 January 2022
●Zappadan Zappajam #6 took place last week. Check out the London Zappa Collective's performance of Black Napkins

2021年11月25日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zappa day at London’s Barbican centre
●A third preview track from the delayed “due to circumstances” 200 Motels 50th anniversary box set
●Lady Gaga sold FZ’s former home in Woodrow Wilson Drive

2021年11月16日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Nice little article about the amazing Ruth Underwood
● The January 2022 edition of MOJO magazine has an article ? 200 Motels
●Dr Dot has just had another Zoom chat with Ike Willis
●John Parkinson of Treacherous Cretins posted this drum cover of What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning

2021年11月8日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Idiot Bastard Shop has reduced the price of ALL of the CDs
●Release of the 50th anniversary edition of 200 Motels appears to have been put back to 17 December
●The Zappa movie will be shown on the big screen in London early next year, with director Alex Winter
●Dweezil has posted a video of his first live performance of Watermelon In Easter Hay
●Frank Zappa Memorial Day #28 takes place on Saturday 4 December 2021

2021年11月5日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Has Lady Gaga sold the former Zappa home at 7885 Woodrow Wilson Drive?

2021年10月30日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Mayor of Vilnius has now promised not to move the Zappa monument in Lithuania
●In March next year, the BBC Symphony Orchestra will take “a deep dive into the diverse musical worlds of Frank Zappa”
●Pauline Butcher's book will be published next mont
●Edition #108 of Raw Vision (the world's only international journal of Outsider Art) features an article about the great late Bruce Bickford
●The Idiot now has one of them Linktree pages
●The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra’s new album, Make An Arf Noise Here

2021年10月25日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The ‘Celebrate Zappa’ event with Treacherous Cretins at London
●pre-order now, a special dual format edition of Alex Winter's ZAPPA movie
●Top blogger Stuart Penney tells me that in his new autobiography
●Reagan At Bitburg (by Ascolta)
●Drowning Witch (by Fireworks)
●The FZ bust in Vilnius may have to be moved
● Gizmodrome have a live album coming out next month
●Dweezil is promising lots of new stuff coming soon to his website
●the making of Freak Out! episode
●Ahmet is currently co-hosting a show called ‘Rock My Collection’ on AXS TV
●Alex Winter’s Zappa movie will be shown on BBC Four TV on 22nd October
●Mikko Keinonen is making a ‘short film and music video trilogy in five parts’ for new music by Mike Keneally
●Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains has sadly passed away
●The Celtic Harp and The Long Black Veil
● It is believed that their rendition of The Green Fields Of America was played at Frank's funeral

2021年10月11日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Another preview track from next month’s 200 Motels 50th anniversary box set
●Gavin Harrison and Jakko Jakszyk of King Crimson, on What's New In Baltimore?
●Chunga’s Revenge by Robby Krieger, featuring Arthur Barrow, Sal Marquez and Jock Ellis
●New KCET documentary Con Safos is a tribute to Rubén Guevara
●Rubén essay from last year
●Pyjæn’s Ben Vize playing a section of Inca Roads on an electronic wind instrument
●200 Years Old (Unedited Version) - SA3 Remaster

2021年10月6日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Specials unleash their version of Trouble Every Day
●A new, re-structured and updated version of Pauline Butcher's memoir
●Four more official Zappa Band live albums are now available to stream/download from Qobuz
●Four more official Zappa Band live albums are now available to stream/download from Qobuz
●Four more official Zappa Band live albums are now available to stream/download from Qobuz
●Four more official Zappa Band live albums are now available to stream/download from Qobuz

2021年9月28日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The story of 200 Motels by those involved
●The softcover version of my FZ88 book with Sergio Albonico
●Dweezil has gifted another Mini Concert to Silver Subscribers of his Reward Music
●The Girls In The Magnesium Dress ? Anna Astesano (harp) and Valentina Ciardelli (double bass) ? are working on their first CD
●Echidna's Arf Of You ー Inventionis Mater and Napoleon Murphy Brock in Hamburg in 2018
●Would You Like A Snack? ー Cover by ArtForDinosaurs
●L. Shankar is releasing his first ever holiday album, Christmas From India
●Electric Violin, Vocal Master L. Shankar Unwraps His First Ever Holiday Album

2021年9月24日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Mystery Roach (Dialog Protection Reel)
●Three more live albums from The Zappa Band’s guest spot on the recent King Crimson
●Alan Clayson's authorised Zappa biography, from the Little, Brown Book Group: "Mother Superior will cover the early years ? 1964 to 1973
●Frank Zappa - Scrapings From The Vault

2021年9月17日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●interview with Martin Lickert and The Idiot Bastard Shop is offering a modest discount on the Would You Like A Snack? CD
● Zappa Records, UMe and MGM will present an extensive 7-disc 200 Motels box set next month

2021年9月13日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa's '200 Motels' Movie Box Set to Be Released
●Jan 9, 2019 ? Frank Zappa's 1971 movie 200 Motels will be re-released as a box set
●“200 Motels” by Frank Zappa & Tony Palmer Box Set
●Frank Zappa filmt 200 Motels (Roelof Kiers / VPRO 1971 / NL)

2021年9月10日() 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Tower and HMV in Japan are listing a 6CD version of 200 Motels, to be released on 29 October
● Italian guitarist/songwriter Marco Mattei releases his debut solo album, Out Of Control, in November. It features Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Pat Mastelotto and Chad Wackerman

2021年9月9日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Ike Willis, courtesy of Dr Dot, gives us an update on his battle with prostate cancer/a>
●Robert Martin reveals that (all being well) Ike will guest with the Zappa Band at one of its four shows at the Baked Potato this Halloween
●The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra has mixed, mastered, sequenced and shipped off to Cordelia Records its fifth album, called Make An Arf Noise Here

2021年9月5日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Zappa Band (currently on tour with King Crimson) is capturing performances in hi-res quality

2021年9月1日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Podmeister Scott Parker's PREPOSTEROUS! Frank Zappa On Stage 1977-1978
●FZ88 (the visual documentary of FZ's final tour) ? pre-order now
●Zappa book news
●Ed Mann recently removed his Facebook posts about his two Gonzo Today articles
●Frank’s 1984 shows at London's Hammersmith Odeon will know of PR man Roland Hyams
●Roland was diagnosed with cancer last year. Here’s hoping for a recovery of some sort for the poor chap

2021年8月21日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Chapter Two of Ed Mann’s Hired by Frank Zappa tale
●The 15-piece Stinkfoot Orchestra has re-scheduled it’s San Jose gig, with special guest Napoleon Murphy Brock
●a new interview with Napi
●The Specials will release a new album, Protest Songs ? 1924-2012
●John Lennon praises FZ's Ruben and the Jets album

2021年8月15日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The "Freak Out!" Suite, I.M.A. Auditorium, Flint, MA, May 10, 1974
●Patrick O’Hearn‘s solo bass rendition of Twenty Small Cigars
●Tom Wilson and his move to MGM/Verve and working as producer on albums by the Mothers, The Animals and The Velvet Underground.
●Australian pianist Michael Kieran Harvey, who previously recorded Ruth Is Sleeping
●Catalogue des Errances Bibliques/Bible Stories-CD
●“The influence of Zappa ? both on the music and text ? exceeds that of frozen beef pies,” says Arjun.
●Cherry Red subsidiary él Records will release I’d Love to Turn You On, Vol. 2, a 4-CD set, in October.

2021年8月1日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●the 2019 Bizarre World/Hologram tour
●article by Ed Mann
●Ben Watson played three tracks from the Would You Like A Snack? album

2021年7月24日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●lost episode when in 1974 Frank and the Roxy band went to Westminster College in Salt Lake City
●The Ed Palermo Big Band's full headlining set from Zappanale 2019
●In Memoriam, Frank Zappa
●The Spanner Big Band livestreamed their gig at the Gunners Pub in North London last week
●Son Of Mr Green Genes
●Dan Spanner’s solo rendition of Daddy, Daddy, Daddy from the new Would You Like A Snack?album was part of the virtual Zappanale

2021年7月17日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Suddenly available (in good time for the 50th anniversary): Would You Like A Snack?
●FZ references in Simon Prentis's book promo vid.
●Chato’s performance of Marque-son’s Chicken at Zappanale in 2017
●Zappa 88: The Last US Show went straight into the German album charts at number 9
●The Married Widow: My Journey With Bob Zappa by Diane Papalia Zappa is now available from Amazon
●Eric White. Some time after FZ passed, Eric befriended Gail Zappa and she wrote an essay for his book of paintings

2021年7月12日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●next year at Zappanale #31
●The Muffin Men:Roddie is taking a break from gigging this year.
●Cordelia Records ? the title track from the Would You Like A Snack? album, a selection of choice cuts from 200 Motels
●Chanan Hanspal:Zappa's concept of time and space in which I talk about xenochrony, fractals and the subliminal

2021年7月8日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●“Dweezil Kn'Evil” LIVE in Kansas City 2018
●The virtual Zappanale later this month
●Don Preston Trio performance
●The Uplands, Bruce Bickford’s first ever solo exhibition in New York

2021年7月2日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●a short interview with the director of 200 Motels, Mr Tony Palmer
●The Don Preston Trio will play a virtual concert at The World Stage on 2 July 2021
●Umphrey’s McGee playing Dirty Love
●Fred Händl, best known for his unique renditions on solo piano of the works of FZ
●Adam Minkoff, and three other members of Dweezil's Hot Rats Orchestra, have made an EP

2021年6月19日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●ZappaCast features an incredibly revealing interview with the wonderful Chad Wackerman
● French FZ tribute band Zappy Birthday Mister Frank are playing two FREE concerts this summer:

2021年6月13日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●King Crimson will be accompanied by the Zappa Band
● Alice Cooper and Pamela Des Barres take part in a discussion about Miss Mercy's new book
●Simon Prentis, ‘The Semantic Scrutinizer’, has a new book: SPEECH! How Language Made Us Human.

2021年6月5日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●GoldmanT at Zappateers has posted a lovely bunch of high school snaps of Zappa alumni
●Zappawoman Valentina Ciardelli now has some v nice FZ shirts for sale
●Dweezil has just revamped his website, adding new music (including tracks featuring Ray White)
●Mike Keneally & Joe Travers expect to be touring with the King Crimson.

2021年5月30日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Three more 'different versions' of songs from Touch Me There can be found on the Cordelia Records album, Lost Meat
●Dr Dot (a member of The Long Island Ballet Company!) in conversation with Ray White
●Mike Keneally and Joe Travers talk about the imminent Last US Show album
●now pre-order Podmeister Scott Parker’s next book
●my review of former GTO Miss Mercy’s book
●Sunday May 23, Radio Venice does Zappa! Guests include Chris Opperman, André Cholmondeley and Gerry Fialka
●Vinnie Colaiuta has released another streaming-only album
●Everybody Loves Me is a book of photos taken by bass legend Leland Sklar
●Zappa-related artwork

2021年5月10日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil will be able to complete "What The Hell Was I Thinking?"
●FZ88: A Visual Documentary (Zappa's Final Tour)
●3DD Entertainment’s Birth Of Invention TV programme
●The June 2021 issue of Guitarist magazine celebrates the life and music of FZ

2021年4月25日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zappa ’88: The Last U.S. Show will be Official Release #119
●Drumbo's marvellous book, Beefheart: Through The Eyes Of Magic, is being reissued

2021年4月17日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up - Live Versions
●Black Napkins Cover

2021年4月4日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Ahmet and Travers reveal a little more-a about the hi-res re-releases of 29 official Zappa albums
●Co de Kloet's Frank And Co is now available as an eBook. My review of the book is here
●Mats Öberg's Frankful is now available on double vinyl as a numbered limited edition.
●Sadly, Zappanale #31 has again had to be postponed
●An update on Ike Willis' prostate cancer diagnosis from his manager, Hank:

2021年3月31日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
● Ike Willis hasn't been able to tour for over a year and has no funding to buy the medication needed to prostate cancer.
●Ronnie Williams, the man who saved his numies on a window in his room and introduced FZ to Paul Buff, has sadly passed away.
●ZappaCast #49 features the wondrous Robert Martin
●There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation about the Zappa movie from the get-go, and that seems to be continuing right up to the end
● Later this year, Wymer UK plans to issue in paperback the visual documentary of Frank's final tour, FZ88
●Cucamonga-era compilation, Rare Meat - the full story
● While recovering from trigger finger surgery, Steve Vai decided to write something for one hand only. His new song
● The latest in the Allan Holdsworth live series features Allan at the Leverkusen Jazztage Festival in Germany on October 16, 1997, accompanied by drummer and long-time collaborator Chad Wackerman.

2021年3月28日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Basement Music
●It Must Be a Camel [piano cover]

2021年3月24日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention - Chamber Music (unreleased 1969 studio recording)

2021年3月9日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Road Ladies - various live performances

2021年3月1日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●interviewed Karen Sperling, who had a relationship with Frank between 1971 and 1975
●The first three albums by Missing Persons have been reissued as a limited edition box set
●Alex Winter’s Zappa movie can now be viewed in the UK and Ireland
●Zappa movie ? here! The fillum has received positive reviews from the Grauniad
●Zappa movie's review
●Zappa ? Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. It is (and always was) scheduled to be released in May
●Mike Keneally has clarified the title of one of the 'new' FZ pieces performed on the Bizarre World/Hologram tour

2021年2月22日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa filmt 200 Motels (Roelof Kiers, 1971, NL)

2021年2月19日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●An Italian language version of Geoff Wills’ excellent Zappa And Jazz book
●the audio version of Pauline Butcher’s Freak Out! My Life with Frank Zappa
●Hal Leonard is now offering FZ guitar tabs
●Miss Pamela said she's writing the liner notes for the 50th anniversary reissue of 200 Motels

2021年2月7日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●the book, Frank Zappa ? The Nordic Stories
●Zappa movie global release dates
●R&B singer/songwriter Nolan Porter has passed away
●Fred Händl has written this lovely opened lettuce to the lovely Ruth Underwood
● ZappaCast, Episode #48 sees AZ/JT answer all your questions on future video releases and such
●Pamela Zarubica wrote this tribute to the late Phil Spector

2021年1月31日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil is selling a selection of his guitars, amps and pedals, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Feeding America charity.
●Dweezil's collection
●The Zappa movie will be available to purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US in early March

2021年1月23日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●While researching these FUQs (Frequently Unasked Questions) I learnt a lot
●a Zappa’s London map from my new webstore
●the band EAK (Eric Trøim, guitar/Armin Beck, drums/Kevin Crosby, bass) playing Zoot Allures.
●The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert
●Howard Johnson, who was the live band conductor of the Saturday Night Live Band in the 70s, has passed away.
●Frank Zappa and the Ikettes Recording at Bolic Sound - 1973
●Frank Zappa - Waltz for Guitar (1958) (score/audio)

2021年1月17日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Run Home Slow (movie) sountrack by Frank Zappa (restored audio)
●Ed Palermo Big Band, AMNERIKA

2021年1月16日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Co de Kloet’s excellent new book, Frank & Co.
●Zoom interview with Mike Keneally and FZ techs Bob Rice, Thomas Nordegg & Merl Saunders Jr can be viddied
●Mike Keneally’s ‘band’ with Scott Schorr ? has just unleashed its second album, My Mom's Getting A Horse

2021年1月9日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Ahmet share the unsolved mystery of his father's UFO
●Inventionis Mater celebrating Frank's 80th
●To celebrate FZ’s birthday, a tribute beer: Why Does It Hurt When IPA?
●Treacherous Cretins' FZ@80 online celebration show with special guests