2022年12月26日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Real Frank Zappa Book recently slipped out on Kindle
●The Real Frank Zappa Book a version narrated by Ahmet will be unleashed on Audible
●Italian duo Inventionis Mater are working on a new Zappa album with some special guests, including Napoleon Murphy Brock
●The Wall Street Journal asked Bob Dylan
●Connecticut-based Locksmith released an album called Ghost Zappa
●Ghost Zappa comprises Ghostface remixes over Eff-Z samples
●Treacherous Cretins: “To celebrate Frank's birthday on 21st December (and the end of Zappadan), we will be premiering the video of our gig performed at London
●The Real Frank Zappa Book Audible Logo Audible Audiobook ? Unabridged

2022年12月21日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
● Treacherous Cretins:YouTube Channel at 8:30pm on Wednesday
● Malcolm McNab's home movies shot during the 1972 Grand Wazoo tour
●Ali N. Askin and his band have just been added to next year’s Zappanale line-up
● Ant 2 Bee Man has remixed Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band’s Trout Mask Replica using AI software

2022年12月15日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●John Zorn fangirl Sarah Grosser (aka Flake) is currently piecing together a Zappa 'zine comprising 30 reviews of 30 FZ albums
●Floppo Records
●the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra (aka ZERO) is offering a free download of its latest recording

2022年12月12日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●New ZappaCast on Waka/Wazoo
●Scotland's Pygmy Twylyte have their UK dates
●This looks like FZ's Les Paul Gold Top may finally have sold for £34
●Inventionis Mater are recording a new album to be released in 2023

2022年12月10日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Treacherous Cretins will tour Great Britain next February with very special guest vocalist Robert Martin!
●Tim Carey’s 1962 film, The World’s Greatest Sinner, has been restored by the Academy Film Archive and The Film Foundation

2022年12月5日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
● Zappanale next year: The Zappa Band featuring Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Ray White and Robert Martin
● Zappadan (4-21 December), I am offering copies of my updated/expanded Zappa FUQs eBook
●Love by George Duke, demo produced by FZ, from the imminent Waka/Wazoo box set
●Uncle Remus by Yorkshire
●One Shot Deal (that is, former ZPZers Scheila Gonzalez, Pete Griffin, Billy Hulting, Jamie Kime, Ben Thomas and Joe Travers with Matt Rhode plus guests) will play Zappa at the Baked Potato in February next year

2022年12月1日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil talked about the trials and tribulations of being a band leader in his Audio Documentary series
●Dweezil with Z performing My Beef Mailbox on the Conan O’Brien show in 1994
●the 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Captain Beefheart's Clear Spot album

2022年11月28日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Diva became a Licensor at Funko (so presumably signed off on the Zappa doll)
●Summer '82: When Zappa Came To Sicily is still available to rent on Amazon Prime
● While Summer '82: When Zappa Came To Sicily review of the Blu-Ray
●Dweezil has uploaded another nice mash-up with the ‘Brass from Utopia’ to his website: “We played Twinkle Tits mixed with Dupree’s Paradise in Oslo on 11-25-19 with the Norwegian Wind Ensemble
●Turbulator, who appear on my Lost Meat
●Turbulator, who appear on my Would You Like A Snack?

2022年11月22日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The official FZ YouTube channel
●Everything Is Healing Nicely, with FZ’s teeth dancing à la Monty Python's Conrad Poohs
●Warren Cuccurullo followed this up with one for another track from his Missing Person album: 4U

2022年11月18日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil and Craig Parker Adams chat about Edward Van Halen
●The Thurston Lava Tube’s set from A Concert For Jimmy in 2008
●psychedelic experimental surf renditions of a few FZ numbers
●Warren Cuccurullo just posted a video for his song Back In 1981
●Warren Cuccurullo ー Zappanale performance the previous year
●Mike Fox (of the London Zappa Collective)

2022年11月14日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Your Mouth (Take 1) from Waka/Wazoo
●interview with vocalist Kris Peterson
● Steve Vai on his ‘new’ album, Vai/Gash
●Cordelia Records has now added the Mappa Zappa EP to its Bandcamp
●Mappa Zappa EP to its Bandcamp
● On Monday 5 December, the Frank Zappa Memorial Day will take place at Idiots Records in Dortmund, Rheinische Str. 14, Germany
●Steve Hackett's late 90s live album The Tokyo Tapes

2022年11月9日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil will play at a Jimi Hendrix 80th birthday celebration concert
●the new fillum Weird: The Al Yankovic Story
●Joe Travers posted on YouTube the Peavey Party/NAMM Show from 1995
●Swedish trumpet player Jonas Lindeborg recently recorded and released versions of The Black Page #I & #II
●Pauline Roberts cover of The Black Page #1
●Gerry Fialka interview's Pauline
●the 8pm Sunday show of The Zappa Band
●Zappanale news: the Arf Society is negotiating with Billy Cobham, Gong, Randy Brecker and The Zappa Band
●the Norwegian Wind Ensemble: 200 Bogus Motel Rooftops
●Zomby Woof 2.0
●Brass From Utopia album
●American jazz clarinettist, saxophonist, and flautist Tony “Bat Man” Ortega recently passed away at the grand old age of 94
●Julien’s Auctions, who sold a bunch of stuff belonging to Frank & Gail
●the track Eco Warrior Goddess from the new Todd Rundgren album that features Mr Vai
●Galway based singer songwriter Niamh Regan has just covered Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band’s Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles

2022年10月31日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Waka/Wazoo has finally been announced at Zappa.com
●The box set is now available to pre-order from Burning Shed
●Cordelia Records has now added Rare Episodes to its Bandcamp page
●about the albumーRare Episodes
●Chanan Hanspal takes a close look at the ‘impossible guitar part’ in Sinister Footwear II
●Shawn Persinger of Premier Guitar learns us how to solo like FZ
●radical and intense Flux Pavilion remix of Valley Girl.
●Valley Girlーaudio download
●Valley Girlーvideo download
●Mystery artist, Ziggy Pop, has just released this rap version of You Are What You Is
●Elvis has left the building - Wikipedia

2022年10月19日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Official Release 124 will be the long-mooted Waka/Wazoo, comprising 4 CDs
●New ZappaCast, focussing on Zappa 75
●The Mats & Napi pre-Zappanale Hamburg church gig
●RIP Art Laboe, the American DJ and owner of Original Sound Records' studio

2022年10月11日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Scott Thunes says of The Zappa Band
●Lost Meat (a collection of FZ penned songs you won’t find in the Official Discography)
●Would You Like A Snack?
●more about Lost Meat
●more about Would You Like A Snack?
●Baritone saxophonist Ronnie Cuber, of Saturday Night Live and Zappa In New York fame, recently passed away

●The second preview ‘single’ from the Zappa ’75: Zagreb/Ljubljana album is Dirty Love
●Last week, Kinolibrary (an East London based independent archive film agency) posted some great silent footage from the 1970 Bath Festival
●Mike Keneally has unveiled the debut release from The Bird Brain
●Lemme Take You To The Beach (an album of surf instrumental bands covering FZ)
●Mappa Zappa (a collection of Zappa tunes with place names in their titles)
●21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches (20 artists attempt to condense the album into fun-sized snacks)
●Mappa Zappa
●21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches
●ored With Prozac And The Internet? by TV Mania
●Ilkka Uksila goes Night School - Transcription
2022年10月10日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール

2022年10月1日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Moon Unit talks about Valley Girl forty years on
●Moon Unit talks about Valley Girl forty years on, with Lyndsey Parker
●Lyndsey Parker who ghosted Miss Mercy's posthumous memoir
●Cordelia Records recently added 20 Extraordinary Renditions of The Idiot Bastard Son to its Bandcamp page
● The revised and updated version of Pauline Butcher’s book about her life with FZ in Laurel Canyon is out next week
●interview with Pauline from nearly 10 years ago

2022年9月30日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Cordelia Records has recently added The Idiot Bastard Sons Of Mr. Green Genes and On Broadway: Covers Of Invention to its Bandcamp
●The Idiot Bastard Sons Of Mr. Green Genes
●On Broadway: Covers Of Invention
●I Shot Frank Zappa: My Life In Photography by Robert Davidson with John Elliot
●Wolfram Klug, who produced Burt, The Nerd, an award winning album with five Zappa alumni
●Ego Death by Polyphia, featuring Steve Vai
●the new Todd Rundgren album, featuring Adrian Belew and Steve Vai

2022年9月26日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Co de Kloet (1959) is a Dutch journalist
●Co De Kloet - Talks about his book Frank & Co..A Conversation '77-'93 - Radio Broadcast 21/02/2022
●Steve Vai talking to Co de Kloet about his book "Frank & Co"

2022年9月25日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Tyler Bartram breaks down Wet T-Shirt Nite, with help from Arthur Barrow
●Music Walk Of Fame in London: granite stones that honour artists
● Steve Vai: “If you’re a Frank Zappa fan, you won’t want to miss this interview I conducted with Co de Kloet"
●Marc Maron chats with Adrian Belew in his latest WTF Podcas

2022年9月20日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Moon Unit announced she was selling her Totally Assam brand of tea
●The Zappa Store launched some special VG merch
●British DJ, producer, electronic dance music star, and long-time Zappa fan, Flux Pavilion
●Cult Of Personality (Rock in Rio 2022 Remix) by Living Colour with Steve Vai
●Todd Rundgren's new album Space Force
●Ray White's wife is unwell
●Arthur Brown’s new album Monster’s Ball
●Steve Vai talking to Co de Kloet about his book "Frank & Co"

2022年9月17日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa - 1978 02 15 - Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
●Frank Zappa - 1978 02 14 - Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany
●Adrian Belew Talks David Bowie & Frank Zappa

2022年9月16日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●A new music video for Valley Girl has just been unleashed
●Dweezil has just uploaded an 18 minute version of the Be-Bop Tango from ZPZ's 2014
●Record Store Day on 25 November 2022 sees the release of Missing Persons' Live In New York 81
●Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band's Clear Spot (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
●Frank Zappa - 1993 - Salad Party 93 - Part 1
●Frank Zappa - 1993 - Salad Party 93 - Part 2

2022年9月13日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Zappa Band will play the ProgStock Festival in Rahway, New Jersey on Friday 7 October
●The UK launch of The Girls in The Magnesium Dress' debut album Ru?tsu takes place at the Blackheath Halls on 18 October
●Guranfoe, the band formerly known as Gumbo Variation, release their second studio album on 28 October
●Ben Watson has kindly sent me this video

2022年9月11日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●New merch in the Zappa Store
●London Zappa Collective, Ben Watson’s AMM All-Stars and Gabba Zappa Hey!
●Fido Plays Zappa were one of the highlights of this year's Zappanale
●Arthur Barrow has issued another new tune on his Bandcamp page

2022年9月8日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Moon Unit's long awaited autobiography appears now to be named Earth To Moon: A Memoir
●American pianist Mike Lang passed away last month
●Aaron Belansky on his YouTube channel, utilising old interviews with FZ and whatnot
●Mike Keneally has just added Scambot 1 and its sister album to his Bandcamp page
●new documentary on Steve Vai, covering his first 30 years

2022年9月2日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Lengthy chat with Joe Travers
●FZ-produced George Duke demos
●Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station is the first single from the forthcoming Zappa ’75: Zagreb/Ljubljana album
●Sinister Footwear II as performed by NakedEye Ensemble
●Make An Arf Noise HereーZEROensemble
●Elvis Has Just Left The Building by The Vegetarians
●THAT TIME WHEN: Zappa Played Yugoslavia in 1975

2022年8月30日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●rank Zappa: Life on the Road

2022年8月25日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●my third interview with Frank's buxom red-haired companion from Studio Z ? Lorraine Belcher Chamberlain
●interview is with Frank’s road manager from 1967 to the mid-70s, Mr Richard Barbe
●Ed Mann has posted details on Reddit of the book he is writing
●Last month, someone at the Steve Hoffman Forum posted about a Mothers mixdown tape

2022年8月23日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Chuck Wackerman has sadly passed away. Like his sons Chad, John and Brooks, he was also a drummer
●Drumhead Issue No. 35
●Scott Thunes talks The Zappa

2022年8月22日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The next FZ release from Universal is Zappa ’75: Zagreb / Ljubljana, featuring the Joe's Menage band with Norma Jean Bell. It comprises “the best performances of the Yugoslavian concerts sequenced in the exact order of the show’s set list to present the crème da la crème from each night for the first time ever.”
●The full interview is in my Frank Talk book
●the bulk of these interviews back online ? including my one with Napoleon Murphy Brock ? from 20 years ago!
●Joe Travers apparently confirmed (at a recent screening of the Zappa documenta'y) that he will remain Vaultmeister under the new deal with Universal
●Moon Unit chatting about Bryan Ferry
●Mr Ray White has a YouTube channel
●T'other is with Greg Bendian. Around the 25 minute mark

2022年8月21日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa - 1963 05 19 - Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles, CA
●Frank Zappa Vaultmeister Joe Travers Details New Releases: ‘Zappa ’75: Zagreb/Ljubljana’

2022年8月10日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Napi and Mats Öberg’s pre-Zappanale Hamburg church gig
●The Mike Keneally Project's complete headline set at the fest itself
●Ed Mann is demanding Steve apologises to Arthur
● This year's Zappa Night in Heubach, Germany features Inventionis Mater, Gabba Zappa Hey!

2022年8月8日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Steve Vai - Vinnie Colaiuta's Sight Reading #Shorts
●Frank Zappa The Original "St.Etienne" Guitar Solo (“Jazz From Hell” album) in its original context
●Zappa/Mothers of Invention - America Drinks And Goes Home, Steve Allen Show, L.A., CA, June 25, 1968
●Frank Zappa w/ Don Van Vliet - Ned The Mumbler/Ned Has A Brainstorm, Studio Z, Cucamonga, Late 1964
●Frank Zappa - 1988 - Republicans Arr. for Woodwinds - Samplitude Pro X7.

2022年7月27日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Terry Bozzio jam with Zappa Band drummer Joe Travers
●Coming soon from Sonicbond Publishing, On Track ... Captain Beefheart by Opher Goodwin.
●Treacherous Cretins have now added some dates around their thrice-postponed 100 Club showcase gig
●Joni Mitchell performs in public for first time in nine years

2022年7月17日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa - Atlantic City Pop Festival - The Mothers - Tim Buckley-Mama Cass - Miles Davis 8/3/69
●Frank Zappa Carolina & Dupree Meet The Genetically Modified Monsters

2022年7月10日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●I Shot Frank Zappa: My Life In Photography by Robert Davidson with John Elliott
●Händl Plays Zappa
●The Zappa Forum will be shutting down on Friday (July 15)
●It's Too Late by Candice Night and Dweezil Zappa
●Frank Zappa Press conference at Music Center for Contempo 70 music festival KPFK FM - March 23, 1970

2022年7月2日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Zappa Trust has sold FZ's estate (including his recordings, publishing catalogue, film archive and the complete contents of The Vault) to the Universal Music Group
●The Zappa Trust has sold FZ's estate
●Bogus Pomp’s grand return to the stage tonight
●Robert Davidson’s I Shot Frank Zappa book
●Ted Gioia has just published the first part of his Gnarly Frank Zappa Essay
●King Kong (with Moon as Valley Girl), Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany, June 26, 1982
●1976 - What Kind Of Girl? - Cobo Hall - Detroit, MI.

2022年6月21日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Cool li’l interview with Ray White
●Interview with Ray White ? a few years back
●When The Zappa Band tour hit New Jersey earlier this week, Robert Martin dropped by to see Dr Dot for a bite massage
●G&S Music’s closing down sale
●Wymer UK has knocked a bit off the price of most of my Zappa books
●lots of stuff far cheaper than you would at online shop
●54th ZappaCast, ostensibly about Zappa/Erie
●A little more detail on the Zappa/Erie

2022年6月12日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil has teamed up with Candice Night (Mrs Ritchie Blackmore) on a version of Carole King's It's Too Late
●UK FZ tribute band Burger And The Beast are playing a free gig near Bath on 24 June
●Arthur Barrow has just released another new ditty on Bandcamp: Archie's Bathtub features Marcus Rezak (who recently played with Ike Willis) on guitar
●Upcoming sci-fi comedy-drama Next Exit, written and directed by Danny Elfman's daughter Mali, stars Diva Zappa
●Norma Jean Bell has just been unleashed, courtesy of former Rolling Stones Records president Earl McGrath
●Norma around the time of my Lady Bianca interview
●Chunga's Revenge -- 12/07/75, Hamilton ON w/ Norma Bell
●1968 - Holiday In Berlin - Schaefer Music Festival
●Clownz On Velvet/Tell Me You Love Me, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, June 10, 1982

2022年6月6日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Art Tripp is to make a surprise special guest appearance at this year’s Zappanale.
●The recent interview with Art Tripp
●Frank Zappa: How photographer Robert Davidson recovered the negatives of his famous pictures after 50 years
●Robert Davidson - Frank Zappa (Zappa Krappa) Contact Sheet, 1967
●ZAPPA KRAPPA Frank Zappa by Robert Davidson
●The Bastard’s Diary
●A third preview track from Zappa/Erie has been unleashed: Montana from Edinboro, PA, 8 May 1974
●Tony Williams’ 'lost' 1980 trio album Play Or Die is to be re-released next month. The trio comprised Williams, keyboardist Tom Grant and Patrick O'Hearn
●The Mothers 1971, the Recording podcast had a chat with Joe Travers & Craig Parker Adams about their work excavating and buffing nuggets from the Vault
●FRANK ZAPPA/ Lost Guitars

2022年5月29日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●a brand new interview that is Arthur Dyer Tripp III
●Dale Bozzio’s Life Is So Strange
●The revised and updated version of Pauline Butcher’s memoir ? re-titled Freak Out! My Life with Frank Zappa: Laurel Canyon 1968-1971
●The Zappa Band dates and a whole lot more to the Bastard’s Diary
●Bogus Pomp will rise from the ashes for one more performance on Saturday 2 July at the Floridian Social Club, St. Petersburg
●FZ's live recording engineer, George Douglas, has sadly passed away
●The tenth episode of Dweezil’s audio documentary series covers his Return Of The Son Of... album
●all of the officially released FZ versions of Billy The Mountain in one handy Spotify playlist

2022年5月24日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zappanale travel guide to include mention of the specially discounted German train tickets that are available throughout July (and June and August)
●Flex-Able remastered by Bernie Grundman. The 36th anniversary edition
●Steve Vai , Flex-Able, remastered by Bernie Grundman
●New Zappa website ? Life On The Road: An Analysis Of The Recordings Of Frank Zappa ? has just been created by Alex D. May. So far it covers 1965-1969

2022年5月14日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Second teaser track from the Zappa/Erie album is Village Of The Sun from November 1974
●The bargains at G&S Music’s closing down sale
●A teaser for The Zappa Band’s US tour next month
●Nostalgic Orange (featuring members of The Lovers Of Invention) will play a few Zappa tunes at the Royal Albert pub in New Cross this Sunday (15 May)
●Ray Agee with Frank Zappa & Shuggie Otis - Leave Me Alone, The Johnny Otis Show, November 2nd, 1970
●Frank Zappa Yellow Shark CD Production

2022年5月11日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Interview with Lady Bianca
●Robby Krieger ? with FZ alums Arthur Barrow, Jock Ellis and Sal Marquez
●The Zappa/Erie release has been delayed until 17 June

2022年5月9日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Lady Bianca is to guest with the Stinkfoot Orchestra featuring Napoleon Murphy Brock, Oakland, CA on 24 June
●The Zappa Band is currently on the ‘Cruise To The Edge’
●Mike Keneally is squeezing in a gig with Beer For Dolphins in Escondido on 13 May
●Ike Willis is teaming up with guitarist Marcus Rezak for a ‘Zappa Night’ in Connecticut this eve
●The part two of Dweezil’s Live In The Moment II audio documentary
●The part two of Dweezil’s Live In The Moment II audio documentary

2022年5月2日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zadie Smith with the BBC Symphony Orchestra
●VHS tapes worth of FZ in Prague
●Adrian Belew has a new download-only album out imminently, titled Elevator
●a13 ? Adrian Belew
●Treacherous Cretins; the new date is 26 October 2022.
●The seventh episode of Dweezil’s audio documentary series covers his Live In The Moment II album
●Frank Zappa - 1970 - A Pound For A Brown On The Bus ? The Legendary Fillmore Tapes

2022年3月24日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●First teaser track from the Erie album is one of the two versions of You Didn’t Try To Call Mefeaturing the fab Lady Bianca
●The album has now appeared for pre-order on Amazon UK (CD set / mp3 download)
●Cynthia Plaster Caster has just passed away
●The Girls In The Magnesium Dress has just released its crowd-funded debut album, Ruutsu
●The Black Page #2, as performed by the Lovers of Invention live at the Jazz Cafe
●The Lovers of Invention is playing two sets at Ronnie Scott’s on 7 May

2022年4月23日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●【そえまつ映画館】#70 「ZAPPA」を映画評論家の添野知生と松崎健夫が語る!
●Frank Zappa The Original "St.Etienne" Guitar Solo (“Jazz From Hell” album) in its original context
●LITTLE HOUSE I USED TO LIVE IN (Suite) Music by Frank Zappa, arranged by Ed Palerm

2022年4月13日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●the new Erie limited edition box set is a bit steep, a standard version without the poster will be available for pre-order on 22 April
●stupendous solo rendition of Treacherous Cretins by the spectacular Rachel Flowers
●a revealing interview with the amazing Ruth Underwood
●Pamela Des Barres talks about working with FZ on 200 Motels
●No Rhyme, No Reason is a new 45-track, 3CD set drawing from George Duke’s three Elektra albums

2022年4月11日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zappa Trust announce the next Official Release: Zappa/Erie, a limited edition 6-CD set with poster comprising three complete shows (plus bonus tracks) recorded in 1974 and 1976
●G&S Music (“dedicated purveyors of Frank Zappa & related artists”) is shutting up shop
●The fifth episode of Dweezil’s new audio documentary series covers solo album #3, Confessions
●FZ88 and ‘Broadway The Hard Way’ tour photographer, Sergio ‘Milo’ Albonico, has just written his own book, titled Frank Zappa Il Padrino Del Rock
●The Zappa Band now has bespoke socials for to follow
●The Zappa Band now has bespoke socials for to follow
●The Zappa Band now has bespoke socials for to follow
●Frank Zappa’s Astounding Mid-’70s Run of Rust Belt Gigs Collected for New ‘Erie’ Box Set
●New Frank Zappa ‘Zappa/Erie’ box detailed
●Would You Go All The Way? "Zappa/Erie" Collects Three Pennsylvania Shows and More on 6 CDs
●Zappa/Erie (6CD Boxset + Exclusive Poster)【輸入盤】【UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE限定盤】

2022年4月4日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa - 1970 - Frankie & Shuggie In D - live at The Johnny Otis Show
●The fourth episode of Dweezil’s new audio documentary series covers solo album #4, Automatic
●The Zappa Band is doing a tour of the US East Coast starting 12 June
●Mike Keneally has now added Dancing Demos to his Bandcamp page
●Steve Vai has unleashed an official music video for his Inviolate track, Teeth Of The Hydra

2022年3月29日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Sky Arts (Freeview Channel 11) will repeat its excellent Frank Zappa: Freak Out! Classic Albums documentary
●Finally, confirmation of other acts playing Zappanale this July
●The original version of My Boyfriend’s Back by The Angels (as covered by The Mothers 1971)
●The third episode of Dweezil’s new audio documentary series covers the recording of his ‘difficult second album’, My Guitar Wants To KIll Your Mama
●Kaigal-ool Khovalyg ? the Tuvan throat singer who appears on Civilization Phaze III and Dance Me This ? is touring the UK

2022年3月22日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa review ? a suitably eclectic day-long tribute
●Total Immersion: Frank Zappa on BBC Radio 3
●Ben Watson has kindly posted his recording of the chat he had with BBC Radio 3’s Andrew McGregor
●Fred Händl is doing a 'Zappa for solo piano' tour of Britain in April
●ZappaCast #53 - a chat about The Mothers 1971 with the usual suspects.
●Some original members of ZPZ will reunite as One Shot Deal to play Frank’s music
●double-bassist Jay Anderson talks about recording for FZ
●“the guy who runs the Frank Zappa fan club or whatever! - interview from a couple of years ago

2022年3月20日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zappa Total Immersion day
●online event - tickets
●a video chat betwixt Poodle Play author Ben Watson and ‘Zappawoman’/double-bassist, Valentina Ciardelli
●Arthur Barrow is now making his music available via Bandcamp ? including some new releases, like The Sideburn
●Freeplay (inspired by Jaco Pastorius' River People)
●The PBS documentary tribute to The Persuasions main-man Jerry Lawson
●8CD Mothers 1971 box set has been delayed and will now be released on 8 April ? ‘at a revised price’

2022年3月14日() 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Muffin Men have produced a lovely little video for their track on the Cordelia Records’ Would You Like A Snack? album
●The third preview track from the (seemingly delayed) Mothers 1971 set is Cruising ForBurgers
●Ahmet formed a company called LigitProwhich sells, among other things, NFTs.The Frank Zappa Sofa Tour
●a physical Apostrophe Moustache Face Mask

2022年3月10日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
● Another Nordic story, unearthed after the book came out. It’s all about Shirley Ann, who appeared on stage with the Mothers in 1969
●Dweezil has launched a new audio documentary series offering
●Napoleon Murphy Brock's mother has sadly passed away, aged 97
●Napoleon Murphy Brock's song he wrote for his mom a few years back
●Gerry Fialka, FZ's archivist/production assistant from 1983 to 1993, has a bunch of fun stuff to viddy: an interview with Zappa's Universe conductor Joel Thome
●an interview with Ike Willis
●an interview with Rubén Guevara
●an article on, Rubén Guevara
●Gerry's new Zappatista Salon One with esteemed Zappa buffs Messrs Bartram and Prentis

2022年3月2日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The 2022 Cruise To The Edge
●Steve Vai will tour Europe this Summer
●L. Shankar is touring the US in April

2022年3月1日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil this week said, “We aren't able to tour yet. There are too many factors that make it too risky for us - most of them financial
●an interesting webpage detailing some of Warren Cuccurullo's guitars
●new book, Life Is So Strange ? Missing Persons, Frank Zappa, Prince & Beyond, Dale Bozzio sheds some light on the demise of Missing Persons
●Steve Vai’s The 7th Song album from 1984 ? and to celebrate the release of his excellent new album, Inviolate ? I put together a playlist
●Ensemble Modern plays Frank Zappa - Get Whitey, February 22, 2020

2022年2月19日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Second teaser track from The Mother 1971 box set
●The Mar Vista Philharmonic ‘Frank Zappa Anniversary Session’, broadcast by BBC Radio 3 on 4 December 2003, was released as a download-only album in 2019
●MVP’s No Forest Fire album
●a 4.57 inch vinyl figure of FZ in June
●Cordelia Records’ Would You Like A Snack? album is finally available on streaming thingies
●200 Motels performed by the likes of the Muffin Men, Treacherous Cretins, Z.E.R.O., Valentina Ciardelli, Fred Händl and many more
●The Lovers of Invention will play two shows at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club on Saturday 7 May 2022

2022年2月16日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●ZappaCast with Pamela Des Barres
●Miss Pamela now has her own YouTube channel
●Dr Dot has just interviewed Napoleon Murphy Brock
●Dweezil added to his Reward Music website for the first time
●The Lovers Of Invention performing Cheepnis
●Bogus Pomp will reunite for ‘an evening of incredible music’
●Gabba Zappa Hey!’s debut album (Hey Punk) is available to download

2022年2月11日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Lovers Of Invention
●Co de Kloet has confirmed that he will do a special multimedia presentation based on his excellent Frank & Co book on the Mystery Stage at Zappanale on Sunday 17 July.
●Percussion Under Construction, who played at Zappanale in 2019, have just unleashed their Locked Down? album
●Mike Keneally has just joined ProgJect, ‘The Ultimate Prog Rock Experience’
●Former Magic Band drummer Robert Williams will be guesting with the Zappa Band at the Baked Potato.
●Steve Vai is playing a full set with Living Colour at this year’s Rock In Rio festival in September.
●The estate of John Wetton v Eddie Jobson lawsuit continues
●Jon Appleton, who helped design the Synclavier, passed away recently at the grand old age of 83
●YAMAHA QY70 - Little Umbrellas

2022年2月6日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●#15: Joni Mitchell
●The fourth and final reprint of Frank Zappa ? The Nordic Stories is available now
●A special Valentine’s Day episode of the ZappaCast, with Pamela Des Barres, should be available soon.

2022年1月31日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●First teaser track from The Mothers 1971 set is now up on streaming platforms: Willie The Pimp
●Charles Ulrich's the second edition of The Big Note
●Guitar World magazine contains an article about FZ’s “on-again, off-again love affair with his six-string
●Persuasions mainman, the late Jerry Lawson, is the subject of a PBS documentary. Trailer
●Persuasions mainman, the late Jerry Lawson, is the subject of a PBS documentary. extra stuff
●Joe Travers talk about his Varèse vinyl collection

2022年1月24日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Mothers 1971 CD box set, plus its vinyl affiliates, can now be pre-ordered in the UK from Rough Trade, Burning Shed and G&S Music
●Update on the Zappa bash at the Barbican in March: there will now be a free pre-concert talk about FZ and his orchestral music at 18:00

2022年1月16日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Eleven Minutes with Nostalgic Orange at the Jazz Café, January 12, 2022
●Zappa's Legendary 1971 Fillmore East Run, and Shocking Final Rainbow Theatre Gig Commemorated with Definitive Eight-Disc Boxed Set

2022年1月10日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Hopefully in 2022 we’ll get the 50th anniversary Waka/Wazoo box set
●Ruth Underwood was understandably deeply moved by Marco Pacassoni's Frank & Ruth
●Dale Bozzio's ‘kiss and tell’ autobiography, Life Is So Strange