2023年12月26日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●interview with Mick Ekers
●Frankly Zappa: An Unauthorized Biography by John Klein Sloatman, III
●Frank's sister Patrice (Candy) Zappa chat with Dr. Dot
●Patrice (Candy) Zappa answers a few questions from Steve Vai
●Patrice (Candy) Zappa answers a few questions from a certain Idiot
●Chanan Hanspal's splendid solo guitar rendition of Steve Vai's The Attitude Song
●Sofa #2 by Ciardelli-Drago-Strano, especially for FZ's 83rd birthday
●Episode 26 of Dweezil's Runnin' With The Dweezil podcast features Greg Kurstin
●Gerry Fialka's annual ZappaDan Rant
●the Stinkfoot Orchestra
●The Lovers Of Invention performing Cosmik Debris

2023年12月18日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Furious Bongos have posted some clips from their Halloween show in Chicago on YouTube. Pound For A Brown
●The Furious Bongos have posted some clips from their Halloween show in Chicago on YouTube. In France
●A Go Fund Me campaign has been set-up for FZ's niece, Lala Sloatman
●Ed Mann has posted on Facebook that he is selling "everything musical. All mallets used and not used with FZ, boxes of weird percussion, gongs, stands, road cases, you name it."
●John 'Drumbo' French has a Go Fund Me campaign to cover the legal fees of getting royalties for his memoir
●It seems publication of Moon Unit's memoir has been put back yet again
●Essra Mohawk (aka Sandy Hurvitz and Uncle Meat) very sadly passed away on 11 December
●Spotify playlist featuring FZ and some of Essra Mohawk's 'hits'
●The Lovers Of Invention performing Dancin' Fool
●The Banned From Utopia will be touring the East Coast of the US in July 2024
●Napoleon Murphy Brock on Facebook says he has almost finished writing his memoir

2023年12月11日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Gallery is currently hosting a Captain Beefheart related exhibition until 17 February 2024
●On the 30th anniversary of her father's passing, Diva posted one of her usual daily tarot card readings
●the official Zappa Team posted a clip on its socials of FZ being killed by an Xmas tree on Saturday Night Live
●New book, Grievous Angels, Trout Masks, and American Beauties: 1970s Rock & Roll Photography of Ginny Winn, will be out in Spring 2024
●The Lovers Of Invention are playing a couple of dates in the South West of England on 13th and 21st December
●some info on provisional plans for Zappanale next year

2023年12月4日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●12 Days of Zappa
●Bob Dobbs' conversations with Cal Schenkel, from 1996: Stories behind Zappa album covers
●Bob Dobbs' conversations with Cal Schenkel, from 1996: Working with Zappa & Beefheart
●The Trinity Laban Double Bass Ensemble (introduced by Valentina Ciardelli) will play Peaches En Regalia
●Ahmet's "new hyper-curated and exclusive pop culture destination", Halos & Arrows
●New interview with Mike Keneally by Chanan Hanspal
●Mike Keneally's another album with Marcelo Radulovich
●ZappaCast: Funky Nothingness - Deep Dish (Episode 2)
●Treacherous Cretins will be paying homage to FZ by sharing their show

2023年11月27日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Republicans on cello by Louise McMonagle
●Zappanale lost ?150k this year
●Dweezil now has another track available for free download from his forthcoming Hot Rats Live! concert album
●The GrandMothers Of Invention are playing a gig in LA next month
●Ossi Duri, who formed in the mid-90s, will be releasing an album to mark the 30th anniversary of FZ's passing
●New book by Marco Fraquelli, A Nessuno Frega Un Cazzo Se Siamo Grandi Musicisti. Tutti Gli Uomini, E Le Donne Di Frank Zappa

2023年11月20日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Musicians from the Rhône clarinet collective and the Lyon conservatory's large percussion ensemble will perform a 'Zappa Concert' on 1 December at Espace Jean Couty in Lyon
●Julien's sold FZ's old Gibson ES-5 Switch Master guitar for $63,500
●System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian talks about his musical likes and influences - saying
●Serj Tankian's version of Yellow Snow can be heard
●ZappaCast, commemorating the release of the 50th anniversary of Over-Nite Sensation set
●Cheech Marin talk about his audition for Ruben And The Jets
●Part 2 of the Travers/Mesker Over-Nite Sensation artwork chat
●interview with the late Nigey Lennon
●Tink Walks A Log by Arthur Barrow
●old video interview with Lorraine Belcher Chamberlain about her time with FZ
●interview with Lorraine Belcher Chamberlain
●a recent interview with Bill Harkleroad (aka Zoot Horn Rollo)
●Emile Chill's strange AI-generated sci-fi movie, Zappa Galaxy

2023年11月13日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●ZappaCast Episode #63: Funky Nothingness ? Deep Dish (Episode 1)
●Banned From Utopia will also play a couple of dates in Sweden next March
●FiDOplaysZAPPA are putting together a live album from their summer tour with Robert Martinーpre-order
●FiDOplaysZAPPAーa video-clip
●Cal Schenkel discusses some of his FZ album covers
●Zappawoman Valentina Ciardelli will be performing Peaches En Regalia at the University of West London on 15 November
●Stuart Penney has written the great new blog about how he lost his girlfriend thanks to Captain Beefheart

2023年11月5日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●a third (and probably final?) teaser track from the soon-come Over-Nite Sensation set: Dirty Love (with Quad guitar)
●The NYU Percussion Ensemble (conducted by Jonathan Haas, who took part in Zappa's Universe in 1991) performed a 'Frank Zappa Halloween Spectacular'
●Don Van Vliet: Standing On One Hand, an exhibition of Captain Beefheart's paintings, will take place from 23 November 2023 to 3 February 2024 at the Michael Werner Gallery in London's Mayfair
●Dweezil has a free download of Willie The Pimp on his website - a Halloween treat!
●Frank Zappa Dog Breath / Mother People 'RARE' 1970
●Call Any Vegetable-VPRO Piknik part 2 Rare
●'Overnite Sensation' Fantastic Zappa Box Set!! | Unboxed | Reviewed
●a conversation 'twixt Zappa Team members Joe Travers and Michael Mesker
●Unfortunately GoldmanT's GoFundMe campaign stalled at the first hurdle, but he did get Heather Roche to perform Pink Napkins on bass clarinet
●Frank Zappa - Pink Napkins -- bass clarinet by Heather Roche

2023年10月29日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Ike Willis is apparently in a bad way in hospital
●Last Tuesday there was an invitation-only Over-Nite Sensation Atmos listening party at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood
●Bebo 'Best' Baldan, who leads The Super Lounge Orchestra, has written a 35 page guide to approaching FZ's music
●An Enchanted Evening With Pamela Des Barres at the West Hampstead Arts Club on 25 & 26 November
●The Dub Room Special is now available for streaming on Apple TV and YouTube movies
●The Opinionated Hippie is rating Zappa cover albums on YouTube
●Julien's Auctions, in cahoots with The Zappa Trust, has now added a bunch more stuff for sale
●One Shot Deal (ie. ZPZ without Dweezil) now has its own website

2023年10月22日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Ike Willis and Ray White have upcoming US gigs with (respectively) Marcus Rezak and The Stinkfoot Orchestra
●Two mystery Zappa shows in November are listed at zappa.com
●Chato's rendition of Marque-son's Chicken
●Chato Segerer good luck on 24 October, when the Nuejazz Festival in Nuremberg will present the Nuecomer Jazz Award. The theme this year is FZ
●Cal Schenkel 8mm - Frank Zappa, Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Vid#3
●Frank Zappa - The Black Page #1 (Solo Piano Version)

2023年10月15日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Second preview track from the forthcoming Over-Nite Sensation 50th anniversary box set is Face Down (I'm The Slime demo)
●'Music of the Time - Pinked Dreams' with the WDR Symphony Orchestra performing two FZ pieces in Cologne on 1 December
●the full programme for ‘Zappa. Yes. Yes. Yes.’ in Brussels
●Julien's Auctions has a few more FZ items up for grabs under the banner of 'Played, Worn, & Torn: Rock ‘N’ Roll Iconic Guitars And Memorabilia'
●Played, Worn, & Torn: Rock ‘N’ Roll Iconic Guitars And Memorabilia
●Chad Wackerman will visit Europe next April
●Change of date for Zappadan Zappajam #8 in West Acton. Organiser Mike Fox
●Dale Bozzio:new LP Hollywood Lie!
●Another new French language book, out now: Frank Zappa by John Raby

2023年10月9日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●this new Zappa News website at the end of March, it has had over 40,000 visitors - with over 62k page views
●Chanan Hanspal examines the Alien Orifice guitar interlude - with help from Steve Vai
●The Banned From Utopia will play the Zappa Union in Oslo in March next year
●Alex Dahl has added a new page to his FZ Life On The Road sit
●Guranfoe (formerly Gumbo Variation) have posted their Live At Brighton Electric performance
●Looks like the release of the Over-Nite Sensation 50th anniversary box set has been delayed a few weeks
●Ahmet has another new business venture, named after his children
●The Mother People Anthology Vol. 2
●the US this Record Store Day Black Friday (24 November) is a 45th anniversary deluxe edition of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band's Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
●The Twisted Sister front man recently saw Alex Winter's Zappa documentary and noted

2023年10月3日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Moon Unit is brother Ahmet's special guest on his latest Rocktails podcast
●The new The 500 with Josh Adam Meyers podcast features Ahmet Zappa - supposedly talking about Freak Out!
●Terry Kirkman, who played with FZ and The Boogie Men circa 1960-61 and went on to form The Association, recently passed away
●Terry Kirkman on his assocation with FZ
●Sofa #2 from Valentina Ciardelli's new 'homage to irreverence' chamber music project
●The Idiot's Online Shop has knocked a couple of quid off the price of my Zappa's London pocket map
●Lizzy Jagger had to have the old Zappa home on Woodrow Wilson fumigated
●the girl band HAIM recently lip-synched to Valley Girl
●official FZ biographer Alan Clayson's career spanning compilation album, Ancient and Modern: Highlights of Half-a-Century

2023年9月29日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Joe's Garage saxist Jeff Hollie will be ZERO's special guest at the Zappa Nacht in October
●Zappawoman Valentina Ciardelli has been appointed double bass Professor by the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London

2023年9月19日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●part two of the Broadway The Hard Way album deep dive
●Frank's Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster guitar (used on the first few Mothers' albums) will be up for grabs via Julien's Auctions in November
●Chanan Hanspal has spoken with Steve Vai again: this time they talk about Alien Orifice
●a silver ring reputedly worn by FZ and a couple of handwritten scores up for grabs in The Rock & Roll Americana Auction
●The original G3 (Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Vai) are reuniting and will tour together early next year
●21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches
●One Burnt Weeny Remnant
●The 8th Zappadan Zappa Jam will take place (as usual) at the Acton Garden Village Association in London on 8 December 2023

2023年9月11日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil says the comment (now deleted) was NOT written by him
●Warren Cuccurullo makes a guest appearance on two tracks from Duran Duran's Halloween-themed Danse Macabre album, to be released on 27 October
●Former Magic Band guitarist Gary Lucas has been added to the line-up for Mosae Zappa in November
●The 30-piece Zappa Orchestra are playing the H4 Festival at Santa-Monica-Platz in Hamm, Germany this Friday
●Robert Martin will be the special guest of Sinister Sister at the Zappa event at Bozar in December
●GoldmanT (who is hoping to get perfect renditions of Republicans and Pink Napkins on cello and bass clarinet
●the Wallander Chamber Orchestra
●Chester Thompson has a new album out, on Bandcamp, on 1 October. Wake-up Call features Scheila Gonzalez on one track
●Ensemble Modern is currently touring Europe (including London's Wigmore Hall) with Sir George Benjamin: the concerts feature Edgard Varèse's Octandre

2023年9月4日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Vegetarians have covered the Village People classic YMCA, with Napoleon Murphy Brock
●The Wrong Object will be playing at Mosae Zappa festival in November
●Frank talks unions and plays guitar in this new vid from the always excellent Poodle Bites
●Available on Bandcamp is a collaboration between Mike Keneally and multi-instrumentalist Marcelo Radulovich
●The Thurston Lava Tube in 2007
●Eat That Question/It Can't Happen Here/Hungry Freaks, Daddy - Frank Zappa - CHROME PLATED MEGAPHONE
●Hearing is Believing (1080p) FULL MOVIE - Documentary, Music, Biography

2023年8月28日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●United Mutations happened upon this great clip of Z playing at the Dynamo Open Air festival in Holland 30 years ago
●the band (Ahmet, Dweezil, Scott Thunes, Mike Keneally and Joe Travers) rip through The Medley
●A five disc (4CD/1 Blu-ray audio) Over-Nite Sensation: 50th Anniversary Edition will be released by Universal on 3 November
●The first preview track is (aptly) Fifty-Fifty (basic tracks, take 7)
●The fabulous Z3 have a new album, Filibuster For Frank

2023年8月21日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●a video update from Dweezil on what he's been up to since 2020
●ZappaaCast Episode #62: The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention
●Zappateer GoldmanT has a dream: to get perfect renditions of two of FZ's air sculptures (Republicans and Pink Napkins) on cello and bass clarinet
●article on the late Jim Gordon which focusses on his contribution to the Imaginary Diseases album
●Alex Dahl has been tweaking his Life On The Road website
●Alex Dahl included info on Funky Nothingness, a review

2023年8月14日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Mother People Anthology, Volume 2 is available to pre-order from Scott Parker's website
●self-published Zappa FUQs eBook
●The Poodle Bites (formerly The Aaron Channel on YouTube) has posted this bonus episode of its now four part trilogy of videos taking a deep dive into the Broadway The Hard Way album
●The Furious Bongos (who were great a Zappanale BTW) are playing a bunch of US dates in October with Chad Wackerman on drums
●Enrico Iorio wrote this article about Moon Unit for his local online newspaper

2023年8月7日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Don Preston on Facebook: "Well folks, a few days ago my heart stoped for 6 seconds. One more second and I would be dead! I had a pacemaker installed and WOW! I can now live another 90 years.

2023年8月6日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Alice Stuart - singer, songwriter and guitarist in a very early incarnation of the Mothers Of Invention (circa 64/5) - has sadly passed away
●The Drum Channel recently interviewed Aynsley Dunbar about his illustrious career - including, of course, his tenure with FZ

2023年7月30日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Samuel R. Howard finds the beat in Echidna's Arf
●The fifth Funky Nothingness video is up on YouTube and again features Ian Underwood
●Robert Martin (on Facebook): One week ago, my Zappa alumni buddies and I were getting ready to take the stage as the headliner, the final performance on the main stage at Zappanale 2023
●200 Motels - The Suites will once again be performed in France by the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra, The Headshakers and the Percussions de Strasbourg
●Brazilian FZ tribute band Let's Zappalin' have a new album on Spotify, One Size To Save A Drowning Witch

2023年7月24日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zappanale #32 was a total blast
●Samuel R. Howard's St Alfonzo score analysis
●The All New Frankly Don't-Wop Duo's rendition of Let's Make The Water Turn Black
●Shedloads of new dates
●Funky Nothingness Episode 4 was recorded during the album's release party

2023年7月17日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention - Rare Footage Newport Jazz Festival 1969
●Steve Vai talks Zappa - with Chanan Hanspal.
●A few moments with Roxy & Elsehwere's Brenda Starr Light
●Peter Occhiogrosso has penned this blog about The Real Frank Zappa Audiobook
●Italian progressive jazz rock band Spirale have released their version of Blessed Relief on streaming platforms

2023年7月9日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Steve Vai's Talking Guitar and Insane Tuplets
●The new Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra album
●The new Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra album ―chat with ZERO's head honcho, Kevin Crosby
●The Stinkfoot Orchestra recently bumped into Brenda, the 'professional harlot' from Roxy & Elsewhere
●Quite a few 2024 dates in the Diary already, plus a bunch coming up shortly
●the Funky Nothingness ZappaCast livestream

2023年7月3日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The third and final ‘making of’ Funky Nothingness video
●The Aaron Channel wishes y'all a happy Independence Day, with a little help from Frank
●a great review of Pygmy Twylyte's recent gig in Manchester

2023年6月26日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Jan Akkerman has removed Zappanale from his list of 'Upcoming Dates' and Napoleon Murphy Brock & Hamburg Jazz Trio will now headline the main stage on Friday (14 July)
●Frank's 'buxom red-haired companion', Lorraine Belcher, could use some help
●Pasadena’s Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) will create a posthumous drumming scholarship in honour of Ralph Humphrey
●Chad Wackerman preparing for his upcoming gigs with Banned From Utopia
●Denny Sanders posted his tape of The Mothers with Roland Kirk at The Boston Globe Jazz Festival
●Short Wave; Long Haul by Tom Walsh and N.O.M.A. -featuring Don Preston
●Alex Dahl has just published a new page on his on Life On The Road website covering FZ's Fall 1975 North American and Yugoslavian tours

2023年6月18日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●former Focus guitarist Jan Akkerman has been drafted in to replace Gong at Zappanale next month
●The second 'making of' Funky Nothingness video features Ian Underwood
●Dweezil is featured on the track Is My Dick Enough? from Steel Panther's latest album
●96 FZ titles available to stream or download
●Mark Volman has revealed he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia in 2020
●The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University has acquired a collection of artwork, memorabilia and personal effects from Cynthia Plaster Caster
●Composer Steve McAllister"s first album under his own name, I Hope You Are Okay, features six-string contributions from Mike Keneally and XTC's Dave Gregory

2023年6月10日(土) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●review of Mark Volman's new autobiography
●Chanan Hanspal talks about incidences where Frank's music sounds like someone else's
●In December, to mark the 30th anniversary of FZ's passing, Bozar (Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels) will present a two-day programme of talks, concerts and films
●Part 3 of the History and Collected Improvs ZappaCast
●Latest video from The Aaron Channel is about FZ & Ted Nugent
●an interview with Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler in the Sunday Times Magazine
●One-time Mother Del Casher has an album

2023年6月5日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Another preview track now available from Funky Nothingness
●Impromptu Improvisations - Vol. #1 by ZAPPATiKA
●Devin Townsend will release Devolution #3 ? Empath Live In America, featuring Mike Keneally and Morgan Ågren
●The Banned From Utopia will play four warm-up shows at the Baked Potato in July ahead of their headline appearance at Zappanale
●The Vegetarians performing Eff-Zee's The Torture Never Stops
●A whole bunch of official Zappa releases are now appearing at nugs.net for download/streaming
●In a few days, my old website at www.idiotbastard.com will cease to be
●The Festival Moo-ah website is also now under the wing of Webador, and has even kept the same URL

2023年5月21日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Funky Nothingness [Album Deep Dive]
●FZ's catalogue of decades of live performances are coming to nugs.net to stream or download
●Gerry Fialka produced this 1997 concert with Tommy Mars & Suzy Williams at Canter's
●Steve Vai to the UK this week
●Irish fiddler Seán Keane, long time core member of The Chieftains, sadly passed away recently

2023年5月29日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
● Gong will not now be playing Zappanale in July
●Dweezil play Van Halen's Eruption on the Kramer Star guitar
●possibly the funkiest solo George Duke ever played
●uploaded 7 or 8 more pages on Life On The Road covering all of 1974 and into 1975
●Pete List was tasked with shooting some stop motion animation for the Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa 'hologram' tour
●Josh Freese, who now formally sits atop the Foo Fighters' vacant drum stool. Josh was of course the drummer on Dweezil's Confessions album
●Short Q&A with Mike Keneally

2023年5月15日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The Percussive Arts Society posted this nice blog about the late Ralph Humphrey
●Zappacast Episode #60: The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention, Vol. 2
●New 'making of' Funky Nothingness video, Part One.
●irst gig for 2024 in the Diary - the CBSO to spank some Frank in Brum
●Don't expect the Banned From Utopia to perform The Illinois Enema Bandit at Zappanale this year
●Orchestra Of The Swan's latest album, Echoes, mixes compositions by Lou Reed, Portishead, Philip Glass, FZ and more
●Coming in June: Impromptu Improvisations Volume #1 by ZAPPATiKA, a collection of live solos from over a decade of live shows
●Frank Zappa - Funky Nothingness Series (Episode 1: The Making Of)

2023年5月8日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Ralph Humphrey revealed that UMe will release a 1973 Australian gig to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Over-Nite Sensation
●Some highlights from the Stinkfoot Orchestra's show with Ike Willis
●the 2016 Prague Proms Orchestra En Regalia concert featuring Ian Underwood, Scott Thunes and sternly accomplished others playing musics by FZ with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra
●Steve Vai led a rendition of Hey Joe with 7,967 other guitarists in Wroclaw, Poland on 1 May
●Funky Nothingness is now available to pre-order from Amazon UK
●a Spotify playlist of the originals covered on the album
●Eddie Jobson has announced the first worldwide release of the U.K. live album Curtain Call
●Peter Lewis of Moby Grape has issued the track Frank Zappa's Ghost from his upcoming album Imagination
●Orchestra En Regalia - 2016 - Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Praha, CZ - Pt II.

2023年5月2日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Sadly Ralph Humphrey lost his battle with cancer last Sunday
●The AMM All-Stars version of Lumpy Gravy is suddenly available to buy on CD from the Idiot's Web Shop
●the Idiot has reduced the prices of several other items
●My interview with FZ's road manager Dick Barber, which we started last summer
●Chanan Hanspal shows us how to play Steve Vai's impossible guitar parts in Moggio
●the passing of Roland St. Germain, who was the musical director for the Austin Grandmothers and producer of Dreams On Long Play
●Frank Zappa - 1980 - Mudd Club, NYC - New York & Elsewhere

2023年4月28日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Zappacast Episode #59: The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention, Vol. 1
●Frank Zappa - 1965 - Anyway the Wind Blows Demo.

2023年4月24日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The next FZ release from UMe will be Funky Nothingness, which features a cover of Hank Ballard's Work With Me Annie/Annie Had A Baby sung by Sugarcane Harris
●The next FZ release will be Funky Nothingness. Release date 30 June 2023
●The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra will be playing the Zappanacht in Heubach, Germany on 14 October
●Ralph Humphrey was unwell last year
●The Aaron Channel on YouTube takes a deep dive into the Broadway The Hard Way album
●AMM All-Star Ben Watson has splashed out and gotten the band's rendition of Lumpy Gravy at Zappanale
●Ben's unboxing video
●Frank Zappa on KCBS-TV "2 on the Town" Segment (Correct Aspect Ratio, c. 1981)

2023年4月9日(日) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Eat these questions...
●FZ will next be the subject of Radio 4's Great Lives on 25 April (presented by Zappa fan/comedian, John Robins)
●Henry Kaiser has once again paid tribute to FZ and Captain Beefheart
●Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins' Live at Mama Kin is suddenly available on Bandcamp

2023年4月21日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The subject of the next three ZappaCasts will be the unreleased (and likely to remain that way) History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention
● A revised paperback, plus first edition hardback, of Jimmy Carl Black's memoir, For Mother's Sake
●Arthur Barrow has posted new music to Bandcamp
●Universal Music has just issued its first monthly Zappa newsletter

2023年4月3日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa - Mudd Club (Live At Mudd Club, NYC, May 8, 1980) (Official Music Video)
●FZ is one of the specialist subjects on this coming Monday’s Mastermind semi-final on BBC2
●The ‘iconic photographic images of Robert Davidson’ are now on display at the Kommüne coffee shop
●Robert’s I Shot Frank Zappa book is now available
●Eric Clapton talk about FZ
●Lorra new dates in the new Diary

2023年3月27日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa ? 1980 Tour Archive Footage (Mudd Club NYC)
●SPB Publishing has just published The Mother People Anthology, Volume 1

2023年3月24日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●TONY ALLEN & THE CHAMPS - Night Owl [Specialty 560] 1955
●Timothy Carey’s son, Romeo, on how his father discovered FZ
●Al 'Butzis' Malkin will perform a stand-up routine this coming Sunday
●Frank Zappa ? 1980 Tour Archive Footage (Mudd Club NYC)

2023年3月22日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Mark Volman is following in his partner Howard Kaylan’s footsteps with a biography of his own ? Happy Forever
●Arthur Barrow has posted this new track on YouTube by MVP=X

2023年3月20日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Chanan Hanspal asks, “Was Frank Zappa Tone Deaf?"
●The Aaron Channel plays another bunch of songs Frank liked
●the passing of ‘electric’ drummer Jim Gordon, who until the 80s had an almost incomparable résumé
●Jim Gordon, Top Rock Drummer With a Troubled Life, Dies at 77
●Jim Gordon, Eric Clapton Drummer Convicted of Murdering Mother, Dead at 77
●The Rage And The Fury leak onto the Interweb? It was posted by BigShekel96 as a playlist on YouTube last week, but has now been removed
●Frank Zappa's Songs You Ought To Hear Vol II

2023年3月13日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Varèse: The Rage And The Fury leaked onto the Interweb?
●the line-up for Zappanale in July
●Flautist Claudio Ferrarini has recorded a version of A Pound For A Brown On The Bus
●Kinolibrary hhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_cyuBtaocEas posted some interesting videos in recent times, including clips of the early Mothers
●Mojo Music & Media has just acquired Warren Cuccurullo’s complete songwriter and publishing rights
●Frank Zappa - Pick Me I'm Clean, Los Angeles reharsals, February 10, 1980
●Frank Zappa Gig List: 1980

2023年3月6日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil’s posted this clip of him playing along to Madonna’s Live To Tell
●Another great vid from the Aaron Channel
●an interview of my own with David Logeman
●To tie-in with the publication of Flake’s Zappa Every Day fanzine, digital creator @earfeeder posted
●starter's guide to FZ on Instagram. It has now followed this up with a Playlist on Spotify
●Frank Zappa and Hot Rats - Willie The Pimp, Olympic Auditorium, L.A., March 7, 1970
●Frank Zappa - Ionisation Footage

2023年2月27日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●1968 - Uncle Meat - Money Demos Acetate
●Zappa '80 ZappaCast with David Logeman
●official videos for three tracks from Mike Keneally's new album
●Mikko Keinonen's The Complete Adventures Of The Unrelated Sound Guy
●A message from ZAPPATiKA
●Ike & Napi guesting with the Stinkfoot Orchestra, Steve Vai visiting the UK

2023年2月24日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●the Aaron Channel and IBS have prepared a short video taking a behind the scenes look at the 1980 Spring/Summer band
●some words about I Don't Wanna Get Drafted
●This year's pre-Zappanale concert at St. Catherine's church in Hamburg will see ‘Zappa and the Great American Songbook’

2023年2月21日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●The next single from Zappa '80 is City Of Tiny Lites from the Munich show
●this year's Zappanale #32, the Band From Utopia
●Mike Keneally will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 32nd annual San Diego Music Awards
●Arthur Barrow has a new track up on Bandcam
●Arthur Barrow has a new track up on Bandcamp ー video
●Frank Zappa - 1971 - 200 Motels - Trailer.

2023年2月15日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
● “There are no plans for touring in 2023. Will update here on DweezilZappa.com if there are any changes.”
●a beginner's guide to FZ on Instagram
●Caballero Reynaldo, the man who put the fun in country, is issuing a compilation called The Best Of Kazoos.
●At the end of 2022, Alan Clayson wrote

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●Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of invention - Flower Punk (at its original recording speed, 1967)
●The Zappa Band as such will not now be playing at Zappanale this year: for legal reasons, they have had to change their name to the Banned From Utopia

2023年2月6日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Gozortenplat, headliners/ambassadors of the Milwaukee Zappafest, have now been added to the line-up for this year's Zappanale
●Jeff Rougvie is writing the story of Rykodisc
●Wrecking Crew guitarist Dennis Budimir passed away on the same day as Jeff Beck
●Burt Ward - Boy Wonder I Love You - Zappa
●Burt Ward Oranged Colored Sky

2023年2月2日(木) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa at the Mudd Club 1979
●Steve Vai Guest Interview (New Vai/Gash Album, Lessons From David Lee Roth, Imposter Syndrome) Ep 47
●Zappa Family Trust: assign administrative control to neutral third party, save the house!
●The Furious Bongos have been added to the line-up for this year's Zappanale
●the line-up for this year's Zappanale
●The Furious Bongos - Let's Move To Cleveland LIVE 4/13/2022
●Aynsley Dunbar’s 1971 Blue Whale album, featuring a cover of Willie The Pimp
●Frank Zappa jamming with The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, Amougies Festival, Belgium, Oct. 24, 1969

2023年1月30日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●a question mark hanging over The Zappa Band’s appearance at Zappanale this year
●Guitar Player posted this cool article on FZ
●YouTube video on FZ, entitled “Why I did a PhD on Zappa”
●Orange Claw Hammer (and their wondrous ‘takes on the music of Captain Beefheart’) have just been added to the line-up for this year's Zappanale
●Betty Sturm, the actress who appeared alongside Tim Carey in his FZ-scored film The World's Greatest Sinner (she was one of Clarence's followers), has passed away aged 89
●Betty Sturm, Actress in ‘The World’s Greatest Sinner,’ Dies at 89
●Betty Sturm, ‘The World’s Greatest Sinner’ actress, dead at 89
●Betty Sturm Dead At 89: 'World's Greatest Sinner' Actress Died Of Alzheimer's Disease
The World's Greatest Sinner actor Betty Sturm passes away●

2023年1月23日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa - Tears Began To Fall - Single Version (A & B-side)
●The Real Frank Zappa Book (Unabridged?)?
●The Real Frank Zappa Book Audible Logo Audible Audiobook
●Moon - publisher Dey Street Books appears to have now delayed publication to January 2024
●Warren Cuccurullo would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of Duran Duran
●Samuel R. Howard has issued this correction video for his bassist’s guide to Cheepnis
●new film Babylon, co-stars Margot Robbie and Diego Calva were asked which musician they’d most like to play in a musical biopic: Robbie said Stevie Nicks, while Calva opted for FZ
●Cracked.com stated as fact that FZ got prostate cancer from his dad’s weird job

2023年1月18日(水) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank’s probably-stolen-at-Amougies Gibson Les Paul Goldtop, used on Hot Rats and elsewhere, was recently sold by Omega Auctions for £34K
●I’m The Slime by: The Vegetarians
●I’m The Slime by: Dr Funkenstein
●Talking of The Vegetarians, new album Loo Read on Bandcamp
●Fido Play Zappa are touring Germany again with Robert Martin
●a Beckology Spotify playlist
●Jeff Beck - Complete Recordings with The GTO's
●Frank Zappa's three favourite guitarists of all time
●Jeff Beck said Frank Zappa could have been a successful U.S. President

2023年1月16日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Frank Zappa - Passaic Early Show 13 Oct. 1978
●The Aaron Channel has just added a timely new episode to its series of videos on The Real Frank Zappa Book
●The Real Frank Zappa Book TheAaronChannel
●Jeff Beck died this week

2023年1月13日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●the new releases keep on coming! Next up on 3 March 2023 is Zappa '80: Mudd Club/Munich
●a preview single of Outside Now from the Mudd Club show
●Mike Keneally's excellent new CD The Thing That Knowledge Can't Eat
●The Real Frank Zappa Book narrated by Ahmet is available
●Frank Zappa Discusses His Autobiography [The Real Frank Zappa Book]
●The sternly accomplished Furious Bongos are playing a short US tour this Spring

2023年1月10日(火) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●City of Tiny Lights-Blessed Relief - Stinkfoot Orchestra At New Parish - Oakland, CA January 6, 2023
●Grand Jawaka/7 juillet, July 7th [2016]/Waka/Jawaka (1972)
●Grand Jawaka/7 juillet, July 7th [2016]/Your Mouth (1972)

2023年1月9日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Tyler Bartram and Gerry Fialka have a new YouTube channel
●Frankie & Zimmy (aka FZBD) by Gerry Fialka & Tyler Bartram
●ZappatistaSalon#1- Fialka, Prentis, Bartram
●ZappatistaSalon#2 - 82 Yearns of Frankness

2023年1月6日(金) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●FZ releases a Hammersmith 82 album coming along this year (with new bass overdubs by Scott Thunes, replacing a poorly recorded section)
●Mike Keneally’s new album, The Thing That Knowledge Can't Eat, is coming next month
●Chanan Hanspal, who has made some fantastic videos analysing Frank’s music
●solo jazz guitar rendition of Moggio
●On the 26 February, there's an interesting Zappa & Co concert in Hamm, Germany
●The Grimm Life Collective visited Frank’s old house on Woodrow Wilson Drive and then his unmarked grave

2023年1月2日(月) 大西さんからのザッパ・ニュース・メール
●Dweezil has just posted the live song duo of Orange County/More Trouble Everyday for download
●the new Life On The Road: An Analysis Of The Recordings Of Frank Zappa website run by Alex Dahl
●every known FZ live show to YouTube
●the second Waka/Wazoo promo video that uses Malcolm McNab’s home movies
●The Black Page 2 acapella with highlighted score